Hong Kong: The HR Function post-COVID19

In a KPMG Global Survey, 77.5% of Human Resource Executives in Hong Kong indicated that they are in the midst of restructuring their companies to adapt to the new reality. This is also noted to be significantly higher compared to 59% of executives worldwide.

In the survey, the Asia executives – which includes 42.5% Hong Kong respondents – placed “managing performance and productivity in a remote working environment” as the top capability that the HR function must add value in today’s business climate. Not just specific to Hong Kong, the importance of the HR function in businesses is more crucial now than ever. HR leaders need to re-evaluate current work models and architect a new plan to keep their people connected, motivated and productive.

Many HR executives in Hong Kong also indicated their expectations to make major investments on digital platforms that can connect and automate the backend HR processes to create a more streamlined employee experience across the organisation. Learning and development in the office will begin to look a lot more different in the coming years.

Right now, the roles of HR professionals are more recognised than ever as they are expected to play more than just a support function to businesses today. HR’s key functions are also seen to expand across developing new policies like flexible work arrangements, advising and developing strategies that can help the business sustain itself in the long run. This has increased the demand for experienced HR professionals in organisational development as well as HR information systems.

In the near future, we foresee that the development of the HR function in Hong Kong will be expedited in order to blend into the pace of change. HR analytics will definitely be largely incorporated into majority of the HR functions.

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