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Employers: Approaching Hybrid Work in the New Year

It’s the beginning of a new year, and this calls for new changes in Singapore’s employment scene. Particularly, the new year calls for a new way of work, as work from home in Singapore is no longer the default from 1 Jan 2022. Singaporeans, that means to say that it’s time to pack our bags and squeeze with the morning commute once more.   […]

Singapore: Bursting the hybrid working bubble?

While we are getting comfortable settling into the routines of working from home, there is now news that work from home will no longer be the default from 1 Jan 2022 onwards. On December 14, The Ministry of Health made an announcement that 50% of the employees who can work from home will be allowed to […]

Singapore: The Labour Market in 3Q 2021

The good news is that there seems to be an improvement in the overall labour market in 3Q 2021 as compared to the previous quarter. However, the less positive news is that recovery remains uneven across sectors. Despite some upticks in resident employment, the total employment continues to decline. The rate of decline is nothing out of the ordinary given […]

Singapore: The Omicron variant clamping on the dream of travelling abroad

Just as the glimmer of hope of easing into the relaxation of travel restrictions finally appear, the emergence of the new variant of Covid-19 is clamping on that dream. With rising concerns of this new variant also known as Omicron, countries are circling around the conversation of travel restrictions extremely cautiously. Effective from 29 November […]

Malaysia: Clear indications of regaining momentum

From the last update of the stagnant unemployment rate in Malaysia during July 2021 (Read about it here:https://www.linkcompliance.com/2021/09/24/malaysia-a-step-forward/), there are now clear signs of recovery as seen from the latest update in the October 2021 labor force statistics released by Malaysia’s Department of Statistics (DoSM). The most encouraging sign is the dip in Malaysia’s unemployment […]

Malaysia: Creating job opportunities as the way forward

Themed “Malaysian Family, Prosperous and Peaceful”, Malaysia’s Budget 2022 reflects an inclusive approach to focus on economic recovery and building national resilience. It is said to be in line with the policies and strategies outlined in the 12th Malaysia Plan, with RM233.5 billion allocated for operating expenditure, RM75.6 billion for development and RM23 billion to the country’s Covid-19 fund.  With […]

Singapore: A fertile land for startups

As the global economy moves towards gradual recovery, the business landscape is seeing more opportunities for growth. Despite the high levels of uncertainty during this pandemic, there is a notable surge in the launch of new startups taking advantage of changing consumer preferences. This growth momentum can be seen inching towards the tech industry, boosting more […]

Singapore: Policy changes to Singapore’s retirement and re-employment age & CPF

With Singapore seeing an increase in seniors aged 55 years and above within the resident labour force, there have been debates centered around statutory retirement age, CPF contributions et cetera, to extend support for these seniors to continue working to be more financially independent.   On November 2nd, there were two key Bills that were passed in Singapore’s Parliament. […]

Singapore: Vaccination status as the new hiring requirement

Almost 2 years of living in this Covid-19 pandemic, we have all heard about it. How this pandemic has devastated economies, damaged industries, employment prospects, and even radically transformed the way we work. Here we are today, having a grasp of living with the pandemic. Vaccines have already been developed, people are going through hybrid work […]

Remote recruiting: Is it for everyone?

Technology, the pandemic, the work-from-home arrangements, the pressure on businesses to transform their traditional working processes, and many other factors have shaped the world to look at remote working as the norm today. How did we get here? Remote hiring was not the go-to option 5 years back, but in less than a decade here […]