Hong Kong: The future of hybrid work

As businesses scurry to adapt to the rhythm of life amidst the pandemic, digitalisation becomes an indisputable recourse. In Hong Kong, businesses have displayed strong resilience through the severe disruptions that the pandemic has caused. Hybrid work is now the new normal, and according to Robert Half’s 2021 salary guide, 80% of Hong Kong employees would prefer at least a day of remote working after the pandemic. 

The report also revealed the challenges of creating a sustainable hybrid work arrangement. Technology poses the biggest hurdle for both employers and employees, especially in SMEs. Many smaller firms are still incapable of setting up a suitable system for sustainable hybrid work because of the inability to invest in the right technology. Those that are able to, face challenges like communication, management and motivation.

In another research done by the Hong Kong Productivity Council, it unveiled that Hong Kong employers and employees both recognise the future of hybrid work, but only 62% of the employers have plans to incorporate hybrid work permanently after the pandemic. On the other hand, the majority of the respondents who are Hong Kong employees reflected readiness in having hybrid work be a part of their future reality, and close to 70% mentioned that hybrid work is an important factor for consideration in their future career. In fact, they believe that hybrid work helps them achieve a better sense of work-life balance. 

This shows the crucial need for Hong Kong employers to start altering their business plans so that it includes hybrid work as a part of it. In order to attract and retain the top candidates, employers need to prioritise setting up a sustainable hybrid working system and demonstrate their stability amidst unpredictable times. 

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