4 Reasons why your business needs to engage in PEO services

Professional Employer Organisation, also known as PEO, is a term quickly gaining traction globally. Especially because we are currently living in the climate of a pandemic, this has forced many businesses to think about engaging PEO services to facilitate their expansion in the international markets. 

If you are here, chances are you are deliberating on whether or not to work with a PEO. Here are 4 reasons why it might be time for you and your business to take the leap of faith.

  1. PEO helps you navigate your business

With COVID-19 throwing many business plans off tangent, we know that expanding abroad might be one of the tougher goals to achieve now. Growing a business overseas is inherently difficult and without the right investment of effort, it is easy to fail because research and experience in the particular market is the key to success for overseas expansion.

This is how a PEO can be your biggest asset. A PEO that has experience in the specific market you want to expand to, can help navigate your business and provide accurate advice with regards to legal issues and more. If you are uncertain of the business culture, HR and employment functions in said country, it is encouraged to work with a PEO that can guide your business and ensure that your business is compliant on foreign grounds.

  1. PEO lets you focus on your business strategy

Hiring employees, addressing compensation, benefits and compliance issues are additional functions that can be labour-intensive and easily neglected if the right resources are not invested to look after them. But by working with a PEO, you can free yourself off taking care of these and focus on your strategic business decisions. Essentially, a PEO will act as a support function for your company to address your HR needs. Furthermore, you are leaving your people in the hands of specialised experts who can professionally manage the HR infrastructure. No more ambiguity, no more hassle.

  1. PEO helps you gain a competitive advantage

This thus enhances your business’s competitive position as well, not just because you can now focus on your strategic goals. Since a PEO helps you in recruitment and employment, you will be in good hands in terms of attracting the right talents that fit your company. Not only that, a PEO can help you save time and cost since PEOs already have direct access to an extensive database of qualified candidates. This can once again help you realign and narrow your focus to just making the final hiring decision.

  1. PEO protects your business

The IRS states that an estimated 40% of small businesses pay an average fine of $845 annually due to avoidable payroll and tax mistakes. All these errors and mistakes can add up to a hefty cost. Penalties aside, payroll mistakes easily kill the morale of employees, which can impact the workforce productivity if left poorly managed. In this aspect of compliance, it can be tricky for businesses that want to expand to markets that operate under different policies and regulations. While it is not impossible to navigate through it yourself, a PEO can take away the stress and provide certainty with regards to protecting your business from avoidable mistakes like such.

Ultimately, working with a PEO can bring obvious advantages to your business. If you are currently looking to expand into the Asian market, we are offering PEO services for specific markets in China, Hong Kong and Singapore. Even if you have not made a final decision, feel free to speak with our professional consultants about any enquiries. You can also click here to be redirected to our PEO Services page to learn more about what we offer.

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