Not All Sectors Come Out Stronger From the Pandemic — Here’s Some That Do.

The COVID-19 pandemic, still on-going, is undoubtedly life-changing for many of us. It has affected the way we live, the way we think, the way we move, and more crucially, the way we work. Specifically, it has caused many people to lose their jobs — or for many others, it opened up new windows of opportunities instead. Here are some sectors and forms of work that have survived and are still thriving through the pandemic.

  1. E-commerce.

The world outside is dangerous. Stay a little longer and you might get infected with COVID-19 — a true danger when the vaccine isn’t out yet. All that is protecting you are safe-distancing rules and a thin piece of cloth-fabric shielding your orifices. You want to get some new clothes, but the clothing shops are closed because they are deemed as non-essential from where you live. You would like to buy detergent too, but stepping outside is no different from gambling with your life — that’s where online shopping comes in.

In countries like Singapore where a common past-time is going out into the streets to shop, nearly 75% of Singaporean consumers have turned to online shopping due to the pandemic. 31% made their first online purchase — the start of many in the future — during the pandemic. At least 20% will continue the habit of online shopping even after the pandemic. In China, where sales events like 11.11 have generated billions of revenue even pre-pandemic, the effects of the pandemic on online shopping are ever more so obvious in the dramatic increase in sales from the previous year.

Consumer habits have been changed, and the crisis has accelerated conversion to online shopping, and the e-commerce sector is expected to continue to boom, precisely because of the pandemic. Hence more job openings in e-commerce giants, in areas such as logistics, or even HR. 

  1. (Food) Delivery Services 

Queuing for good food may have been a passion for many, but with the pandemic, most of us have turned to queuing from home instead. We take our phones out, place an order from a desired eatery, and wait for the food to come to us instead. Platforms like Grabfood (Singapore) and Meituan (China) have reported a spike in sales during the pandemic, and restaurants reported receiving more sales conducted via online orders in return.

Beyond providing work for people in need of a temporary gig for some quick income, the very platform that these sales are conducted from have benefited as a result. The platforms have reported a growth in their Gross Merchandise Value (GMV) and operations have expanded as a result. At least, they are not making as big a loss as before.

  1. Biotechnology

A jab in the arm means massively reduced chances of dying from COVID-19, if infected by chance. Names like “Moderna” and “Pfizer” have become household names by now. Securing vaccines has become the priority of many governments, but it is private companies who are the ones behind R&D and creation of vaccines instead.

China, for instance, has pushed for more focus on its biotech sector, with 141 biotech companies opening from 2010-2020, and market capitalization increasing. More jobs are created in biotech sectors throughout the world too, as countries seek to also find their own ways to protect their citizens. 

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Overall, the above are just three that have clearly reaped benefits from the pandemic. Other sectors such as IT may be less affected, or more well adjusted to conditions such as remote working. If you are thinking about your next job opportunity, you can consider these industries, even though you may not necessarily have a relevant degree; some jobs are universal, such as the need for marketing in order to get sales out. Alternatively, if you are a biotech talent and are interested in your next job, or you are looking for the right biotech talent, you can consider our recruitment solutions.