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Unemployment & Job Vacancies in Singapore Q2

According to a labor report released by the Ministry of Manpower (MOM), the number of retrenchments in Singapore in Q2 has risen as compared to Q1.  Previously in Q1, there were 2270 layoffs. In Q2, there were 2340 layoffs. This is discounting “resignations”. Still, the number of layoffs is still within the range of pre-pandemic levels, as tracked within the quarters […]

Singapore: Alternate Ways to Hire

Sometimes hiring a full-time worker is not what your company needs, sometimes it is not what your company can afford at the moment. Developments in the business world coupled with the pandemic fast-tracking the pace of digitalization, technology has expanded many avenues of employment. Be it the avenues where employers look for candidates, or the avenues in which job seekers […]

Update to Retrenchment Policies in Singapore

The Ministry of Manpower (MoM) Singapore has stated that employers in firms with more than 10 employees are required to notify MoM whenever an employee is retrenched.  This would come into effect November 1 onwards.  The policy in place before only required employers to notify MoM if five or more employees are entrenched within a six-month period […]

Hong Kong Open to Tech Talents

As part of China’s Greater Bay Area, alongside with other regions such as Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Macau, Hong Kong is certainly stepping up in terms of tech prospects. Despite being known as more of a finance hub, Hong Kong’s development in the tech industry — FinTech in particular — should not be overlooked. In fact, as […]

Hong Kong’s Economy Improving, But Has Yet to Return to Pre-COVID-19 Levels

Despite improvements in various sectors, Hong Kong’s bustling economy has yet to make a complete recovery from the covid-19 pandemic, said Hong Kong’s Financial Secretary, Paul Chan Mo-po.  According to reports from the government, the rate of unemployment has fallen from 7.2% at the start of the year to 5% as of August. The rate […]

Going Robotic in China – What Does It Mean for Employment?

Robots have always been envisioned as an inseparable part of human lives, especially in far-fetched science fiction in societies hundreds or even thousands of years ahead of us. However, there have already been worries that robots will replace jobs once occupied by actual living humans. Already, we can see factories utilizing giant sophisticated machines to […]

Malaysians More Productive in 2021 Q2 & Increased Employment Opportunities

Despite the covid-19 pandemic, Malaysians have proved themselves to be resilient and the labor force saw an increase of productivity. Labor productivity is measured in value added per employment, and a report has detailed that a turnaround to 13.6% has occurred.   An explanation given was that the increase in productivity is due to the comparison […]

Increased Youth Unemployment Rate in China

Prospects are not looking too good for freshly graduated youths in China; 16.2% of the people aged between 16 and 24 were reported unemployed in July against 15.4% in June, according to the National Bureau of Statistics.   There are a couple of factors that led to this rise in youth unemployment rate. Firstly, a recent […]

China’s New Law Governing Personal Data and Its Relation to Employment

Personal data is valuable, depending on who you ask. While ordinary people fill in particulars on social media such as their age, gender, and employment status without a second thought, marketers and advertisers would happily pay a high price for the sale of such information to them — and companies who own this information are […]

Singapore: Relaxation in Foreign Worker Hiring Rules

As a small country scarce in resources — in all senses of the word— Singapore relies heavily on manpower and a smart economy for the country to function. Unfortunately, as with the common trend in many developed countries, Singapore also faces low birth rates, so low that it is insufficient to replace the ageing population. […]