Recruitment Solutions

We map the market for the best talents, identifies the right targets, and positions your business in a compelling way to attract the talent you need to drive your business forwards.

As a business you need to access the top 10% of talent for critical senior roles, but only 1% of the market is both available and top talent. This is because the majority of top talent is in-role, so to get the best quality people your recruitment needs to access the top 8% of talent that is currently working for someone else and connect them directly to you.

Market Intelligence

To support companies in their new market entry and market analysis initiatives, we offers a diverse range of highly specialized insights and market intelligence for the Greater China region

Through the use of Analytics and direct Market info, we help companies develop their roadmaps and supplement their go-to-market plans with real data on the ground.
We're able to provide full data and competitive analyses of Talent Movements, Compensation & Benefits, Salary Pay Scales as well as indirect background checks.


Compliance Consulting

We support financial institutions during their initial setup process specifically focused in providing the necessary resources and manpower to obtain SFC licenses.

Our Compliance Consulting service helps to jump start financial institutions in the short run and protect their business in the long run, offering a piece of mind for the company from the first day of operations.